Myrna Smith, CIT, Secretary

My dad was a general contractor, so I was raised in the industry.  During high school, I worked for my dad’s company for a few years before heading to college. I then pursued a paralegal degree and a legal career.  After two jobs in that industry, I knew that my real love was the construction industry and that I wanted to go back.  I have been working for general contractors, subcontractors, and a development company for over 30+ years.   

I am currently the Design Administration Manager for Harper Constructiona Design Build General Contractor, and have been there for 16 years.  Prior to my current role, I worked in various positions including Executive Assistant, Project Coordinator, and Small Business Liaison Office.  As part of our Design Department, I assist with all design and project closeout documents as well as submissions to owners. I also work with architects, engineers, and other consultants.  

Knowing what I know now, I'd recommend: Getting a good education and going for a four-year degree program early, while you're still young.  Learn as much as you can before getting into full-time work or having a family.  People with architect or engineering degrees are in demand and an asset to have.  Also, any other extra training such as scheduling, LEED, or BIM is an asset to know.
Linda Young