Anita Villani Barnes, Trustee

For his entire life, my husband worked in the fire equipment business, selling to commercial, industrial, and apartment-owning clients. I began my career as a barber. After following my husband’s career, I discovered there was a better opportunity for me in construction. I realized there was a need to assist the contractors with life and safety products, as well as supply hoses for their job sites.   

In 2003, I started as the President/Owner of a woman-owned business, Anita Fire Hose Company, Etc., when I noticed the absence of women suppliers in the industry.  Today, I am selling and servicing fire extinguisher and contractor hoses as well as supplying new fire extinguishers, cabinets, signs, and any safety equipment requested to comply with all current fire and safety regulations.

What I've learned: Think outside the box, as no idea is ever so absurd that it cannot be expounded upon and made to adapt to benefit you or the recipient of your idea.
Linda Young