Paula Covert, Trustee

I began in the industry as a receptionist for a mechanical contractor and quickly moved into payroll.  After a few years, I started filling in some spare time helping with purchasing and the project managers.  That’s when I discovered I had a career in front of me and not just a job. I finally found what I really enjoyed doing!  I decided to further my education, taking classes nights and weekends to obtain certification for Construction Administration which included semesters of Scheduling, Estimating, Contract Law, and Project Management.  As a single mom with a full-time job, it was a lot on my plate, but well worth the effort.  I moved into a full-time position as a Purchasing Agent and was blessed to have had a very helpful and supportive mentor as my supervisor.

I have just begun (what I believe will be my final job before retirement) a position as Purchasing Manager with Countywide Mechanical Systems.   It is a new department for them and I am tasked with setting up procedures and making this department shine.  I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity and to contribute to the continued success of this company.

My advice to my younger self: Explore and be open-minded. When fresh out of school, it never occurred to me that a career in construction was even an option.  In fact, I didn’t even know another woman who even worked in the industry.  Thanks to the Foundation and Camp NAWIC, girls today do know it’s an option and are getting the mentoring and education they need to help make the choice.
Linda Young