Camp NAWIC San Diego


Who Should Attend: Camp NAWIC is open to girls grades 8-12.

Cost: Free to participants.

Upcoming Events: June 22-26, 2020

Registration Deadline: TBD

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Girls-Only Introduction to Construction

Camp NAWIC San Diego provides a unique week-long, hands-on approach to a construction career to high school girls at no cost to the participants. Campers learn the basic elements of various construction trades and develop a “can-do” attitude they can apply in many aspects of their lives. Seasoned mentors and role models are on hand to support them every step of the way. Campers also learn the concepts of team building and team approach in completing their tasks. Working together in the spirit of cooperation, campers learn to understand and then demonstrate effective communication in order to achieve the intended result.

Most importantly, campers develop greater self-confidence and better self-esteem as they tackle and successfully complete challenging projects.

What to expect:

No experience is necessary! We will teach you how to safely and correctly tackle the construction projects you are given.

First year campers: Our “apprentices” learn by doing, under the guidance of seasoned tradespeople. They will explore and develop basic skills in various construction disciplines including electrical, plumbing, sheet metal, surveying, and heavy equipment operation.

Returning campers: “Journeymen” build on the skills they learned in their first year of camp to complete a construction project and mentor the newer campers.

Participating in NAWIC’s Magic Camp these last six years has truly opened my eyes to construction and they have been the most amazing experiences I have had. I am so fortunate to have experienced this great opportunity, because this camp exposes you to what construction is really about and you get to meet so many people who share their experiences regarding the industry.
— Ana
Each year the apprentices receive a tool bag and the journeywomen receive a tool to add on to their collection. This year was my last year, so I received a drill and a level. I am so thankful for all that the camp provides us with. My tools are not stored away, I use them all the time.
— Maria