Supporting Girls in STEM Careers


If you hear STEM and think about trees, Future Construction Leaders Foundation San Diego and many other organizations would like to change your thinking.

"STEM" is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is most often applied to education. The origin of this acronym is usually given to Judith A. Ramaley. She served as the assistant director for education and human resources at the National Science Foundation from 2001 to 2004.

Ramaley later served as president of Winona State University in Minnesota. It was there her local newspaper quoted her saying that when her team was first creating curricula for those disciplines, the acronym they came up with was "SMET," but she "didn't like the sound of that word." So she changed it.

But educators have been concerned about improving education in these disciplines for much longer. The need is especially great among young women who have often been left short of education in these fields due to (sometimes well-intentioned) gender bias.

Dr. Eboni Camille Chillis, Ph.D., Coordinator of Career, Technical & Agricultural Education at Clayton County Public Schools in Georgia, recently wrote about STEM education. Our organization found it worth sharing with you.

Please read Dr. Chillis' thoughts here.

There will be 2.4 million STEM jobs left unfilled by the end of 2018. The time is NOW to recruit and educate girls and women in these jobs for both their benefit and for the benefit of our society.

This blog was originally posted on the ACTE Educators in Action Blog and was reposted with permission.

Linda Young