Construction Family Spotlight: Marocco Family


This week’s construction family spotlight features Isabel Marocco and her children, Gabriel and Theresa, who all work at Casper Company! Isabel is the CFO and a part owner of Casper, while Gabriel is an operator working mostly with flat saw and core drill and Theresa is an office administrator.

Isabel mentions that she began her career by chance, but for Theresa and Gabriel, it was an opportunity they just could not turn down. Gabriel for instance began working part time during high school and college washing trucks, making tool lists, and helping with inventory. The longer he worked there, the more he was influenced by different positions throughout the company. As he got older, he had the opportunity to go out to the job sites and learn more about what the company did, “I learned that we did a lot of the jobs most people do not want to do, and we did those jobs well.” As he began to experience more, he realized that while there were many things people around him did well, there were things that could be done better, with that he found a niche, “I don’t think I really planned on going into the least glamorous trades out there, it was more something I fell into. I wanted to do it because I felt like I could make a difference there.”

Much like her mom, Theresa acknowledges that she came into the industry by chance, “I did not always plan on going into the construction industry. I never thought I would see myself having an office job at a construction company.” She goes on to say that initially she worked part time to earn some extra money, but over time she began working full time and saw the amazing opportunity before her. All in all she’s excited to continue to learn and grow within the industry.

When asked what it’s like having her children work at the same company as her, Isabel stated, “It’s rewarding and at the same time worrisome;” she goes on to explain that the children of management parents working within companies have to sometimes work harder and smarter than others purely based on who they are related to. Gabriel validated his mom’s answers by saying that he does sometimes feel like working at the same company as a parent can be a stressful. He continues by saying that while the work he has been rewarding it has been equally as challenging; “I’ve always made sure that I’ve never given anyone the opportunity to say that I was lazy or that I wasn’t pulling my own weight.” Seeing that Theresa works in the same office as her mom, she offered a different perspective than her brother who works predominantly in the field. She stated that, “I enjoy working with my mom [at] the same company. It has its many blessings and I enjoy learning from her and being able to ask her questions.”

The final question we had for the Marocco’s was whether or not Gabriel and Theresa gained values or skills by working in/growing up around construction? Isabel answered that she believes her children have an, “appreciation for the trades and the hard work from the field that makes the company successful.” Gabriel and Theresa both agreed that by growing up and going on to work in the industry, they have gained work ethic and strongly believe that if one is willing to work hard, the industry will give them back what they put in.  

Helen Panebianco