Construction Family Spotlight: Ballow Family


Meet the Ballows!

Shelby and Brandon have been married just over a year and are both working in the construction industry here in San Diego.

Shelby is a Project Coordinator at Dowling Construction! Finding her way into the construction industry was 100% by chance; after responding to a Craigslist ad for a receptionist position; Shelby was hired by Dowling and has now been there for the last three and a half years.

When asked if she always planned on going into construction she stated, “Definitely not. I wanted to be a writer for a Food/Travel magazine.” She goes on to say that after having been in the industry for a couple years, it has shown her all the opportunities that industry has to offer. She thoroughly enjoys the people and the fast-paced nature of construction.

Being that women only make up about one in every ten construction workers, we asked Shelby what it’s like for her working in a male dominated industry. “To be honest, the only time I really notice is when I go on job sites and a man comments that, ‘he will be on his best behavior,’ just because a woman is around.” She adds that construction is a fun industry for any individual because it allows individuals the opportunity to learn new skills, techniques and meet hardworking people in the process.

Unlike Shelby, Brandon always wanted to join the industry, “My mom always tells a story about when I was 5 years old, I would ask how many years of college it takes to become a construction worker.”

Now, Brandon has been in the industry for nine years and is a Sheet Metal Foreman at AO Reed & Co. His exposure to the industry came early as his father was a general contractor and Brandon would always help out with whatever jobs he could. As someone who has always wanted to be apart of the industry and is now in the industry, he told us that he would like to see more schools including trade education as an option and allow students the opportunity to learn about the industry trades.

Much like anything else, the Ballows recognize that there are pros and cons to both of them working in the industry.

Pros: It makes talking about their days at work easier because they both encounter similar problems and have a first-hand understanding of what the other is talking about. Also, they are better equipped to handle some of those home DIY projects as a team!

Con: They have come to the understanding that if the industry takes a dip like it did back in 2008, the chance of their jobs both being impacted is likely and that could potentially cause financial stress.

All in all the, Ballows are another thriving Family in Construction and we wish them all the success in their construction careers!

Helen Panebianco