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We love receiving feedback and reflections on how our programs impact the students and their families as well as the volunteers who make them possible. Below are some of the responses we’ve received from the participants in the Block Kids Building Program, Camp NAWIC San Diego, Design Drafting Competition and our scholarship programs.

If you have participated in one of our programs we’d love to hear from you.

I am considering a career in the civil engineering and structural engineering industries. This program has exposed me to professional mentors and helped show me the real-life aspects of engineering, not just school projects.

The most rewarding thing that I have taken away from this experience is the experience of creating a building and performing all of the steps used in real-life construction projects. It has boosted my interest in the engineering workplace and has given me an opportunity to network and make connections for the future.
— Summer, 17, Design Drafting Competition 2019
Thank you so much for organizing this camp. We don’t have words to express our gratitude. Barbara had a fantastic time, every single day she left home with a smile and great expectations about what the day would bring, and she came back excited with stories to share at dinner.

These opportunities are priceless, to allow us to expose our girls to areas that most of them never would have considered to try is a life changing experience for them.

Barbara had asked me to register her for next year.
— Erika & Diego C., parents of Camp NAWIC 2019 camper
Being at camp helped me build up my confidence. Camp NAWIC has helped me consider a career in construction.
— Mayra, 16, Fourth Year Journeywoman, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2018
The NAWIC scholarship helped me attend a university that I love and led to many experiences that helped me decide the career path I want to follow, one where I get to be a woman in engineering.
— Nadia, scholarship recipient with a BS in Science in both Mechanical Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy
I love the interaction with the children as they describe what their design is. It is amazing what a child can create with some Legos, a piece of string, some aluminum foil, and a rock...I judged one with SGV#110 years ago. The child described a tower with the string going through the center where the rock was tied off...He said it was a hospital with an elevator for the handicapped...just terrific.
— Norma, Judge, Block Kids Building Program San Diego 2018
Receiving a scholarship from the National Association of Women in Construction to attend one of my colleges will help me realize my dream to pursue a career in the construction industry and pave the way for more women leaders in this field.

My career objectives include working in the construction industry. I spent the last two years of high school researching construction management programs and college visits to the United Kingdom and across the United States discovering undergraduate programs that focus on the built environment and construction management. I was determined to find a program that intersects and refines those elements into a career pathway that will prepare me for the thriving construction industry.
— Catelyn, 17, scholarship recipient 2019
The most rewarding takeaway from this experience is gratitude for my mother’s connections through her architectural color and materials consulting business, and appreciation for organizations like this to promote more women in various industries.
— Colette, 26, scholarship recipient 2019, pursuing an MBA
My daughter really had a great time at Camp NAWIC and talks about it a lot. She is excited to come back next year and wants to build a she-shed (if that’s the project you decide to do). When we are driving around and she sees a construction site she points out the equipment and safety gear and knows a lot of the names. She proudly says, “I know how to use that.”

Thank you for your kindness and the time and effort that you put into the inspirational, instructive, and empowering Camp NAWIC!
— Alena H., parent of Camp NAWIC 2019 camper
Each year the apprentices receive a tool bag and the journeywomen receive a tool to add on to their collection. This year was my last year, so I received a drill and a level. I am so thankful for all that the camp provides us with. My tools are not stored away, I use them all the time.
— Maria, Journeywoman, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2016
One thing I enjoyed about the camp was getting to meet girls from all different schools and regions of San Diego. Another thing that stood out to me was how kind and passionate all the mentors and teacher at this camp were.
— Evie, 16, Apprentice, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2018
It was fun. I can’t tell you how much I learned from this camp.
— Gigi, 15, Third Year Journeywoman, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2018
The NAWIC scholarship is a wonderful help. The students have to work so hard for their classes and tuitions are expensive.
— Dijana, parent of scholarship recipient
Participating in NAWIC’s Magic Camp these last six years has truly opened my eyes to construction and they have been the most amazing experiences I have had. I am so fortunate to have experienced this great opportunity, because this camp exposes you to what construction is really about and you get to meet so many people who share their experiences regarding the industry.
— Ana, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2017
I never thought I would have the opportunities I have had.
— Hazel, 18, Fourth Year Journeywoman, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2018
The activities are really fun, but being a journeyman is a lot more fun. You really feel like you’ve done something.
— Shanon, 17, Third Year Journeywoman, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2018
The opportunities this camp offers are incredible. This experience will teach you how to work in male-dominated work places with women who presently work in one. This camp really gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this type of work.
— Fineita, 14, Apprentice, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2018
To break it down for you we are pretty much one big family that always work together to build cool things.
— Stephanie, 15, Third Year Journeywoman, Camp NAWIC San Diego 2018