Scholarship: What Can $1000 Do?


The Future Construction Leaders Foundation supports the NAWIC San Diego Chapter 21 Scholarship Program which aims to help the next generation earn an education they can not only be proud of, but build a life on. The program offers two types of scholarships; one, is specifically for male or female students who have a parent working in the local San Diego construction industry, and the other is precisely for young women who are working to obtain a degree in a construction related field. Together, these two scholarships are helping to propel not only the next generation forward, but also the industry. By offering a scholarship to the children of construction workers, we are supporting construction workers in their quest to make sure their children earn a great education. Additionally, the scholarship for young women entering the industry provides great promise that more women will find their place and careers in the industry.

Scholarship donors may wonder, “What can a $1000 scholarship really do for a student?” At Grossmont College, a local community college here in San Diego, $1000 can roughly pay for 1 semester of tuition for full time units. At San Diego State University, $1000 can pay for almost a full year of undergraduate textbooks and fees. For a local trade apprenticeship, $1000 could pay for a year’s worth of textbooks, entry-level tools and potentially more. When people think of rising education costs, $1000 doesn’t seem like much, but to the next generation, $1000 could be the difference of a lifetime. $1000 could get a first generation college student started down the path of higher education. $1000 could help a working student buy supplies necessary to complete classes. $1000 could kick start a student’s career!

Because of private, individual and corporate donors, the Future Construction Leaders Foundation is able to continue their mission in providing the next generation with the tools they need to be successful. When there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to invest money, decide on investing in the education of the next generation. Consider donating to the Future Construction Leaders Foundation today, together, we can build up the next generation of Future Construction Leaders.

Helen Panebianco